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Acne Care

Customer Reviews

What do people who have tried Bubble Revolution Acne Care say? Customer Reviews
reviewer /Reviewer / Mr. T, office worker in his 30’s

From when I was a child I had bad acne, which didn’t improve much as I became an adult and the pimples left my skin puckered. I tried famous pimple care products and thought they worked, but the pimples always came back. Then, a friend introduced me to Bubble Revolution Acne Care. In one month of daily use, my skin changed like you can see in the photo. I was really surprised. It used to make me stressed when people looked at my skin, but people don’t notice it anymore. I am so happy it has cleared my acne. I will keep using this product – thank you!

reviewer /Reviewer / Miss K, student in her teens

I have always worried about my acne.
I tried all the famous mail order products, with no results…
My pimples bothered me every day.
Then, I used Bubble Revolution +Acne Care every day in the bath, and the pimples that had been troubling me so much steadily reduced!] Recently my friends have told me how much clearer my skin has become. Rather than face washes and moisturizers, I had the best results with this!