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Acne Care

How to use - usage warnings

It's really simple! How to use See how easy it is to use Bubble Revolution Acne Care
Usage warning
Please do not open your eyes when your face is in the basin.
Please avoid opening your eyes when the solution is on your face.
If the solution gets into your eyes, please rinse thoroughly with water immediately.
If you feel the carbonation is too strong, please reduce the amount of powder that you add to the water.
It is recommended that you use with cold water, but you may try with lukewarm water until you become accustomed to the carbonation.

The carbonation may cause your face to turn red after use, however it will quickly subside. Please use only following the supplied instructions, and for the intended purpose. Avoid storage in hot and humid places, and keep out of reach of small children. If you have ever suffered an allergy or allergy-like symptoms resulting from the use of medicine or cosmetic products, or if you feel any abnormality after usage of this product, please refrain from further use and consult a dermatologist. One pack is for one usage only.

Results and effects of this product vary from person to person. There is no guarantee of the effectiveness and efficacy. Please understand this before purchasing.

Advanced usage

The length of recommended continuous usage for good results depends on age.

For example, for those in their 20s, two months; in their 30s, three months; in their 40s, four months. Although it varies from person to person, the effect of carbonation should be evident.

Please try lengthening the soaking time of the face bath.

You can use a tube like the one in the photo as a snorkel, which you can find in homeware stores. A hose is also fine. When you become accustomed to it, you can breathe in comfort during the face bath.