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Mud Pack

Mud Pack Features

Why does Bubble Revolution Mud Pack make your face red after use?

Because carbon dioxide gas is absorbed by the skin.

Carbon dioxide gas in the face bath water is absorbed by the skin. This creates an oxygen shortage at the skin surface, activating the skin metabolism. The capillaries widen to carry more oxygen to displace the carbon dioxide, making your face turn red.

Usage warnings

You may experience sore skin during usage. In this case, use lukewarm water and dilute the product by half until your skin becomes accustomed.

When you start to notice that the soreness is fading, it is a sign that your skin is becoming healthier.

Do these things affect you? What is Bubble Revolution Mud Pack? The special Bubble Revolution Mud Pack for skin care

Ghassoul mud – found only in Morocco.
From the mountains of Morocco, comes a mud which is rich in sea minerals. It is a hard clay-like material in its original form, crushed and finely purified to create the cosmetics-grade compound that you find in the Bubble Revolution Mud Pack. Together with the plentiful minerals from Ghassoul, the Mud Pack includes the benefits of Argan oil and CO2 bubbles.