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Mud Pack

Customer Reviews

What do people who have tried Bubble Revolution Mud Pack say? Customer Reviews
reviewer /Ms. B, woman in her 30’s

I found a famous carbonated spray can product was not enough so I tried this. You can feel a painful sensation but it feels like it is working. But, it does not hurt as much as a carbonate pack or beauty salon. Since the cost to performance ratio is excellent, you can use it frequently. I only used it for 3 days before my wedding, but the feel of my skin has changed. This is a product I want to stock up on.

reviewer /Ms. Y, woman in her 40’s

After painting it on and washing it off, my face was smooth and shiny. In only 5 minutes, there was a big change. There is a lot in each pack, so you can use it not just on your face but also your upper body. If you wash it off in the bath, you also get a mineral bath. Kills two birds with one stone – smoothness not just for the face, but the whole body.