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Customer Reviews

What do people who have tried Bubble Revolution Shuwa Shuwa say? Customer Reviews
reviewer /Reviewer / Ms. K, beauty advisor

My skin has become a little clearer, and around my nose the pores have tightened. I also feel my face’s blood circulation has really improved. Even after one use, the effects are definitely better than moisture masks. Skin cream absorption is improved, and at only 400 yen each, I will certainly keep using ♪.
It helps with lack of firmness and the widening of pores and cuticles in summer, and also in winter improved circulation firms the skin. I’d also recommend it for people who have wide pores from dry skin!

reviewer /Ms. Y, housewife

It has truly become a habit!
After trying it once, the first thing I noticed was how it refreshed my pores. Especially for darkened pores around the nose, I tried various nose packs and so on but Bubble Revolution is the best.
It has a scrubbing effect, and as well applying moisturizer afterwards being great, applying foundation the next day is also lovely!